When you set a goal, one thing is certain. You will encounter obstacles. It’s basic Newtonian Mechanics (remember that from school?). Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. problem space

What most (unsuccessful) people do when they hit resistance is they give up, make excuses, they stop. I’ve heard many say “It’s a sign from the universe it’s not meant to be.”

But the opposite is actually true. Resistance and challenges are not only completely normal and natural, they are inevitable and unavoidable. When you set a goal, you’re creating change, and any time you change anything, there will be resistance.

How to overcome resistance

So how can you make it easier to overcome resistance?

Here is a three-step process for coming up with creative solutions to problems and overcoming obstacles.

1. Ask

Get a really clear question that you would like the answer to. A mistake many people make when they hit a problem is to focus on the problem, how it’s a problem, how bad they feel that they have this problem and all the other things that will go wrong because they have this problem.

But that gets you nowhere. Instead try this:

Get a clear question that you would like the answer to. Get clear on the solution you want. For example:

How can I raise the funds for xxx? How can I get childcare so I can be away from home? How can I find a web designer / copywriter / graphic designer / etc to do x, y, z? Once you’ve got your question. Write it down.

2. Receive.

Next meditate on the question – with the relaxed expectation that the answer will come. Allow all the thoughts, images, sounds and feelings that arise as a result of asking this question to wash across your mind. Trust your unconscious mind, as I know you can, to receive and transmit all the insights, information and answers that are most appropriate for you and to this question.

Keep the question on a piece of paper handy and as you go about your day, remind your unconscious mind that you are seeking the answer to this question.

This is all about turning your mind to receptive mode. So you’re ready to receive the answer or solution, and no longer swirling around in the problem space.

As you receive, keep saying thank you for all and any answers you get.

3. Record.

Make a note of what you receive. Just write it down. Keep a record of EVERYTHING you get.